About Brian J. Wong

About Me

I am a Video Editor and Cinematographer who enjoys aligning my passions with those who want to tell great stories. My work consists mainly of producing original content for creative web and video productions.

NEC Interactive Software

Visual display maker, NEC Display, developed an interactive, mobile software for use in the classroom and other educational applications. I collaborated with them to shoot, direct, and edit an introductory video that highlighted the core features of this product. My goals in shooting were to emphasize how convenient this tool was for teachers to control their in-class presentations wirelessly from their iPads. This allowed them to face their students during class time, as opposed to having their backs turned toward them. Overall, this software provided a more interactive experience between student and teacher. This video was packaged with the software and stylus, and is available for purchase on the necdisplay.com website.


Director | Editor: Brian Wong

Cinematographer: Brian Wong

Producers: Kevin Bastian, Richard McPherson

Lighting: Pictureboy Creative

Client: NEC Display